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Focus Session

Context Schema: Technical Architecture & Governance

These are details for a focus session on the CIVIC Data Library. For more information on the library, visit the CIVIC Library Hub

Context Schema: Technical Architecture & Governance

  • open source
  • governance
  • technical architecture
  • schema
Synchronous virtual meeting: TBD
  • Expected outcomes: A governance plan and initial technical specification for the structured context schema
  • Encouraged applicants: Schema developers, open-source governance experts, metadata specialists, data science architects, interdisciplinary collaboration specialists
  • Expected preparation time: 5-10 hours

Starting with the structured context schema draft, identify and answer the key technical & governance questions for the initial version of the schema that will enable us to start development.


What governance decisions to we need to make now? How will changes be proposed, decided on, and implemented? Who will have stewardship over the official schema through the initial development process? In what ways will we facilitate public input and review, and at what points in the process?


Where will the official structured context schema & documentation live? What's the format? What existing schemas are we trying to interface with? How are we ensuring conformance to those schemas?

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