All Data Are Created.

Put your principles into practice and discover Context-Aware Systems

Todos los datos son creados

Pon tus valores en práctica y descubre sistemas sensibles al contexto

Alle Daten werden konstruiert

Setze deine Werte in die Tat um und entdecke kontextsensitive systeme

Toutes les données sont construites

Mettez vos valeurs en action et découvrez des systèmes sensibles au contexte

Alle gegevens worden aangemaakt

Breng uw principes in de praktijk en ontdek contextbewuste systemen

Totes les dades són creades

Posa els teus valors en pràctica i descobreix sistemes sensibles al context

Kaikki data on rakennettua

Siirrä arvonne käytäntöön ja ota meidän kontekstitietoisesta järjestelmästä

Bütün veriler insanlar tarafından oluşturulmuştur

İlkelerinizi uygulamaya koyun ve bağlama duyarlı sistemleri keşfedin

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Program Areas

CIVIC operates across a spectrum of program areas, from full-scale institutional production environments, applied research, emergent learning and education, to conceptual art and exhibition.

Civic production environment diagram

At first glance it may seem an uncommon range of activities, however each of our programs function symbiotically and the impact of our work is improved by a culture of creative cross-pollination.

Civic production environment diagram

Curious? Learn more and check out our guide on getting involved.

CIVIC Collaboration Studio

The Collaboration Studio is CIVIC's public-facing production center, which accepts requests to partner with institutions and organizations seeking to create social impact with technology.

Whether you have an existing project or are just in the brainstorming phase, our approach supports partners at every stage to scope, pilot, implement and scale context-aware systems and best practices.

Work with us
Collaboration Studio tree

Contextual Metadata Lab

The Contextual Metadata Lab is the applied research group leading CIVIC's development of Context-Aware Systems frameworks and connected technologies. We maintain a diverse scholar network and partner with academic institutions and public sector agencies to test and publish new work.

For nonmember organizations, the CM Lab offers a range of expert-led workshops and custom experiences to fit your needs.

Contextual Metadata

CivTech Alliance

How do you procure what doesn’t exist (yet)?

This is the central question to the CivTech Alliance, a network of nations around the globe considering how to bring new innovations to the forefront of climate innovation and policy. Learn more about how CIVIC supports diverse companies with values-based business models to connect with global markets and prepare to work with government clients at scale.

CivTech Globe

Democracy Reform Tech

Many cities, states, and counties across the United States have passed— or are considering passing— democracy related policy reforms aimed to level the campaign playing field and improve equitable constituent representation.

Democracy Reform Tech serves USA-based government agencies, specializing in adapting reliable and sustainable solutions for fair elections software, so technology doesn’t have to be a barrier to making change.

Democracy Reform statue

Intersectional Futures Network

The Intersectional Futures Network is a robust community of practice focused on re-centering narratives and assumptions about the values and limitations embedded in our technology.

This is a space for meaningful connection and experimental collaboration, with access to private workspaces, emergent content, invite-only talks, and a first look at CIVIC material before it's published.

Intersectional Futures Network

Data materialism Department

Where does data really come from?

Data Materialism Dept is a creative initiative to investigate the lifecycle of data as it manifests from abstract concept, to digital object, to force of influence in the real world. We collaborate with researchers and artists to create immersive experiences that spark emotional resonance, and communicate concepts that can't easily be perceived through white papers and tech platforms.

Data Materialism web

CIVIC Brand Promise

Civic Software Foundation is a 501c(3) nonprofit organization founded in 2013 with the mission of creating practices and supporting technology that is built on principles of ethical data use and societal impact. CIVIC brings forward innovative team models and sustainable approaches to critically examine…

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CIVIC Brand Promise

Civic brand promise triangle mural

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